Episode 5: A Nudist Resort, A Sex Club and A Date Gone Sideways

Our swinging adventures really take off in this episode!  We were about 4 months into our journey and had jumped in to our new lifestyle with both feet!

In this episode we discuss our first visits to Caliente – a local clothing-optional resort that embraces the lifestyle community – and find out why we now consider Cali our “home away from home”.

We talk about going on a date with a new couple and end up at an on-premise sex club – Eyz Wide Shut!  Did we finally have a successful full swap?? Listen to find out!

Find out how we were setting up and going on lots of meet & greet dates with other couples and single men. Listen to the hysterical details about a meet & greet date with a new single guy that did not go quite as we had hoped!  (We STILL laugh everytime we listen to this story!)

In this episode we discuss:

  • our first two visits to one of our favorite clubs
  • pushing through our own boundaries and being voyeurs who then become the exhibitionists
  • our first date with a couple we met at a meet & greet event which turned into ….
  • our first visit to an on-premise sex club
  • our philosophy for meeting new potential playmates through meet & greet dates
  • why Myrina can’t be trusted … AGAIN (hmmmm, I sense a theme)
  • the MOST hilarious story of what is probably our craziest meet & greet date with a single guy yet!

“What a slut!  Little did I know what a great role model she is!”

~ Myrina, Episode 5 [32:40]


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  • Shout out to our awesome listeners! [3:31]
  • Coronavirus and our (non) playdates [4:27]
  • Our first two trips to Caliente [9:00]
  • AUDIO CLIP – recorded Memorial Day Weekend, 2018 [13:00]
  • Nudist etiquette and “ass juice” [17:00]
  • Some reasons we love Caliente [19:00]
  • Why Myrina likes tall men [20:00]
  • “We want to be like that when we grow up!” [23:40]
  • Our second visit to Caliente [25:02]
  • Our first view of the conversation pool at Caliente – “There were people having sex!” [26:10]
  • “Let’s go get towels and get naked” [27:50]
  • “When you’re not used to that environment at all and you look down and you see all these people, it was like a porn movie but you’re like standing there watching it being filmed.  And then we decided to go ahead and be IN the porn movie.” [29:08]
  • We attend another lifestyle mixer in downtown Tampa and meet a FANTASTIC couple [37:40]
  • What a risk it was for us personally [31:50]
  • “What a slut!  Little did I know what a great role model she is!” [32:40]
  • A first date with a new couple (we end up at an on-premise sex club!) [39:00]
  • Our first experience at Eyz Wide Shut – we describe the club and our impressions of the facility [39:50]
  • “I’ve got a skanky bone in me.” [41:20]
  • “I was thinking more like at the zoo, in the gorilla enclosure and observe them in their habitat.” [42:15]
  • We ended up in the Wild West room [44:00]
  • “It was surreal.  It was like you couldn’t even believe it was happening because it was something that you only ever see somewhere else.” [49:29]
  • “It’s smarmy; it’s skanky.  But sometimes you like a little skank.” [52:49]
  • A review of our timeline to date at that time – we were “en fuego” [53:35]
  • AUDIO CLIP – recorded June 2018 [55:34]
  • “You got in the car and said ‘Do I have to do everything?’.” [57:21]
  • “I was on a sex high, big time! … “ [1:00:57]
  • We were really on this roll, we were meeting a lot of people … [1:14:23]
  • It took us couple of months to get momentum going [1:15:35]
  • We talk about “SLS math” and how to calculate it! [1:16:10]
  • “When you go out on a meet & greet with someone, you’re sitting down at a table – and sure, it’s kinda like an interview “am I going to go to bed with this person”, which is bizarre.  But once you get past that, there’s a comaraderie there, right away.” [1:21:25]
  • Wrap-up [1:23:00}


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