We are a very happily married couple who have been together for over 31 years. We began swinging accidentally about two years ago after going on a “date” with friends who, unknown to us, were living a non-monogamous lifestyle and were evidently interested in being more than just friends with us. Our story is incredibly fun and funny, with many, many hot and sexy moments, along with plenty of awkward and decidedly not-so-sexy moments (but some of those are pretty darn funny too!). Our lives have become an amazing, continuous adventure since embracing a non-monogamous lifestyle. And our conception of “the lifestyle” and it’s meaning when we started has changed radically as we have evolved both individually and as a couple. Things that in the beginning we considered taboo, forbidden or weird, or that were simply not on our radar at all, are now an integral part of our everyday lives and a major source of our passion. And there is so much more to discover!

The non-monogamous lifestyle we’ve embraced has deepened and strengthened our love for each other and our commitment to each other and our marriage immeasurably as we’ve bumbled our way through this adventure. THIS is why we want to share our journey with others through our podcast, website and blogs; we want to assist others in finding their own way in the lifestyle that we are so passionate about and that has changed our lives. We invite you to join us as we chronicle our journey by sharing our stories and lessons we have learned as The Accidental Swingers!

~ Myrina & Tristan  aka “The Accidental Swingers”