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Hello from Myrina and Tristan!
As you may or may not know, we are launching our very own private membership community! We are incredibly excited to create a wonderful space and place for people who are in the lifestyle, or thinking about moving into the lifestyle, to meet, share, and learn together!
This will be a community in every sense.  We will come together, talk about our journeys, share stories, support and help each other grow and maneuver through the lifestyle! Get the answers you can’t find on Google or can’t ask your family and friends! And we are asking you to join us as beta testers of this brand new endeavor.
Tristan and I decided that we wanted to offer this opportunity to any single person or any couple, that took time to reach out to us via email, comment on our website or contacted us directly through social media. We are honored that you took the time to share your comments or stories with us. And as a thank you, we are offering you this opportunity to be one of the first to join and explore the community.
First, a little about the community itself. We took many things into consideration before deciding on a platform for our community. We knew we would never want to do anything on FB – specifically for privacy and anonymity reasons. We wanted a place where people could use made-up screen/profile names if they wanted to. But we also wanted a place to serve as a true home-base for all that we want to be able to offer a community.
Therefore, we decided to make the community a paid, private community. It will be hosted on the Mighty Networks platform and will be available to you as an app on your phone, mobile device, or through the web on laptop or computer! Membership will cost $37.99/mo. or $349/annually. Beta testers have the opportunity to join us at the discounted rate of $17.99/mo. or $199.99 annually. If you join at this rate, your price will never increase unless you leave the community; but this rate will only be available until we open the doors to the general listenership!
Your membership will include:
  • Access: Access to Tristan and me through virtual monthly, live “Ask Us Anything” meet ups where we will all interact together, share, ask, and answer questions. These will be held through Zoom or another similar platform. We will have our camera on, but you will not have to turn your camera on if you do not wish to be seen.
  • Private Groups: We will offer private groups for Newbies, a Men’s Group, and a Women’s Group with more groups to come in the future!  
  • Meeting Other Members: The community will have posting and chatting capabilities! You can post questions to your fellow members or see who is online. Each group within the community will also have a dedicated chat area. You will be able to search members geographically as well with the ability to find other community members near you.
  • Workshops and Classes: We will be offering some workshops and classes, most at no additional cost, to all members. Some workshops will be live; some will be offered as recordings. We are currently planning our first few members-only workshops.
    • As COVID vaccinations are getting to more people and restrictions are being lifted, we are hopeful that getting back to playing won’t be too far off for us! In the spirit of that “renewal” … Tristan and I decided to focus our first few months in the community on “New Beginnings”. Whether you are just deciding to join the lifestyle, just getting into the lifestyle or getting BACK into the lifestyle after a long, COVID-induced hiatus, we are all kinda starting at the beginning!
    • Our first member workshops will focus on starting up or starting over. Featured workshops will be:
      • “Starting Up: Tips and Advice for Newbies”
      • “Create or Re-Create Your Profile” – we will all start a new, or rework an old, profile!  (Tristan and I will be updating ours right along with you!)
      • Strategy Review: review and revamp your strategies for searching swinger dating sites, Meet & Greet strategies, and How to Move from Date to Play
  • Advanced Notice and Discounts to Other Workshops and Events: Community members will be the first to know about upcoming events and appearances for the Accidental Swingers. You will also be offered the first chance to register for special events and workshops, at discounted prices. 
  • And much more!
What this Community is NOT … the Community will not be a dating site.  You will be encouraged to meet and share in a safe space. Overly sexy and/or nude photos will not be allowed.  
Meet us live!! Our very first public, on camera, “Ask Us Anything” appearance will be held for beta-test members only! Monday, March 22nd at 9pm EST. Mark you calendars!!!
What we need from you – our invited beta testers:
We need people to get into the community, go through it and see how it flows. We need interaction, engagement, and feedback. Chat with us and with each other. Attend one or more of our virtual meet-ups and let us know how they look on your end!
Our hope is to iron out as many issues as we can. Once we’ve had a week or so to test the platform, we will open up the first phase of membership to the general listenership.  
Thank you again for sharing your interest and enthusiasm about what has become our passion project. Join us in the community; help build and shape a community where we can talk openly, support each other, learn from each other, and celebrate our alternative love and lifestyle choices.
We can’t wait to meet you in the Community!
~ Myrina and Tristan
PS. When you first join the community, please go in to the Beta Testers Information and Chat topic area. Here you will find a welcome note from me and Tristan and information about the community. This will also serve as the home-base for the Beta-Tester group as we share information about the community itself!
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