Roll Up Canvas Toy Case Bag


This soft toy case is made from canvas on the outside and foam backed felt on the inside. It holds an amazing number of toys, and is carried over the shoulder. Just take it to the dungeon, unroll it, play, then roll it back up, put it over your shoulder and you are on your way.

  • 4 full size vertical pockets, around 11″ wide;  1 skinny pocket
  • 3 flex-tight straps for each section/column to keep your toys secure
  • Unrolls to about 54″ wide and 35″ long, similar size to a small rectangular dining room table
  • Compacts to 35″ wide and about 20″ circumference with a number of toys inside
  • Bottom pockets are about 10″ deep

*Toys are not included with roll up bag. For illustration only.


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