Unleashing Desires: A Revealing Night with the Captain

Sexy fun for Tristan

Myrina and Tristan share their next erotic encounter lifestyle story. A sexy story about desire, fantasies coming true, and navigating new experiences.

Tristan was expecting an MFM date with Myrina and the Captain but was surprised with a completely different evening. Myrina and the Captain instead planned a surprise sexy, and kinky, date night that included one of the Captain’s playmates, Eve, as well as the couples’ first visit to their local BDSM dungeon. Then back to the Captain’s for an even more erotic and tantalizing treat for Tristan!

Listen to Myrina and Tristan as a “newbie” kink couple as they share their first impressions and experiences of their virgin visit to their local kink club, discover what “Fem Dom Night” means, and what it is to be “free range”. Things really heat up when the foursome returns to the Captain’s house and Tristan is thrown into his own kink scene with Myrina and Eve!

Viewer discretion: Episode deals with explicit adult themes and isn’t for the faint-hearted!

Want to join Myrina and Tristan at Caliente, Naughty N’awlins or on one of their other trips or events? Find out where they will be next: https://accidentalswingers.com/events/

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