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Events, Environments, and Experiences: Behind the Scenes With TampArotic


Behind the Scenes with TampArotic Myrina and Tristan welcome Billy, Brad, and Kelvin, the founders of the lifestyle group, TampArotic, based in Tampa, Florida. As a relatively new and up-and-comer lifestyle event group, the trio share stories, how a serendipitous “accidental booking” at a lifestyle resort has led to a thriving event organization, and how […]

Healing Gut Health, Navigating Burnout, and Embracing Functional Medicine: Myrina’s Journey

Myrina’s Journey Myrina dives into the world of holistic healing and functional medicine as she welcomes Dr. Tenesha Wards, an expert in gut health, chronic fatigue, women’s hormones, and stress management. In Episode 46, Overcoming Open Relationship Obstacles: Finding Balance in the Swinger and Hotwife Lifestyle, Myrina goes into detail about the challenges and struggles she is […]

The Big 5-0: Reflections and Revelations from the Accidental Swingers

Lessons Learned Join Myrina and Tristan in the landmark 50th episode of The Accidental Swingers podcast. Celebrate with your favorite lifestyle podcast hosts as they share their gratitude for reaching this milestone, and dive deep into the realities of the swinger lifestyle. They reflect on their origin story from their first “accidental” swinger date to […]

Unleashing Desires: A Revealing Night with the Captain

Sexy fun for Tristan Myrina and Tristan share their next erotic encounter lifestyle story. A sexy story about desire, fantasies coming true, and navigating new experiences. Tristan was expecting an MFM date with Myrina and the Captain but was surprised with a completely different evening. Myrina and the Captain instead planned a surprise sexy, and […]

Love, Laughter and Lust: Stories, Relationships and Adventures in the Swinging World

Love, Laughter and Lust Myrina and Tristan speak to two couples and one throuple in the lifestyle and hear firsthand accounts of their personal journeys into the swinger lifestyle. Each dynamic exploring non-monogamy in a way and at a pace that is right for them. The guests share valuable lessons and experiences; all of them […]

Hotwifing Vs. Hot Flashes: Myrina Gets Her Groove Back

Back in the Groove Myrina shares her recent adventures when she traveled without Tristan for a week. Attending a conference where she regularly meets one of her playmates, Myrina knew she would have at least a few beautiful evenings with one of her lovers. She could never have anticipated, or even come close to arranging, […]

Overcoming Open Relationship Obstacles: Finding Balance in the Swinger and Hotwife Lifestyle

Overcoming Obstacles In this completely raw, uncut, and unedited episode, Myrina and Tristan have a candid, open, and honest conversation about their current personal relationship struggles and how they have learned to process and communicate during these difficult times.  They discuss the challenges of navigating the hotwife and ethical non-monogamy lifestyles during times when they […]

Cannabis and Consenting Adults: Does Cannabis Enhance the Swinger Lifestyle?

Got Weed? Myrina and Tristan talk about the use of recreational cannabis within the swinger community. After a few years of their own “research and development,” the couple shares their thoughts and ideas about their own personal cannabis journeys. They discuss how they feel cannabis can enhance intimacy and the many ways they feel helps […]

Surprise Afternoon Threesome, Sexy MFM Playtime and Myrina Meets A Lady At The Bar

Afternoon Delight! Myrina and Tristan continue their swinger journey as they recount the story of an afternoon three-way which included a little surprise for Myrina as well! They discuss a steamy encounter with a woman at a resort who only had eyes for Myrina and Tristan talks about a brand new experience for him, a […]

Lessons Learned: The Unexpected Upside To Having Sex Without Your Spouse and Be On Our Podcast!

Our 5 Year Swingerversary Myrina and Tristan are back at Caliente Resort and Spa in Tampa as they kick off their first “Third Thursday at Caliente”. You will be able to find Tristan and Myrina on the third Thursday of every month, which just happens to be Ladies’ Night, recording their podcast episode “live” at […]