Events, Environments, and Experiences: Behind the Scenes With TampArotic


Behind the Scenes with TampArotic

Myrina and Tristan welcome Billy, Brad, and Kelvin, the founders of the lifestyle group, TampArotic, based in Tampa, Florida. As a relatively new and up-and-comer lifestyle event group, the trio share stories, how a serendipitous “accidental booking” at a lifestyle resort has led to a thriving event organization, and how their unique brand of inclusive, pressure-free events is revolutionizing the way swingers socialize in Florida. 

The guys share valuable thoughts about the importance of organizing diverse and pressure-free swingers events, from beach parties and hotel takeovers to meet and greets. They discuss the importance of building a community, tips for newcomers at their events, and highlight upcoming TampArotic get-togethers. Learn how TampArotic is creating a vibrant, accepting culture and becoming known for their safe and inclusive events where authenticity, fun and freedom are key! You’ll also get an insider’s perspective on their most recent, unique, overnight event, which fused socializing with … unconventional experiences. 

Whether you’re a seasoned swinger or simply curious about the lifestyle, this episode offers valuable tips, heartfelt stories, and invites you to be part of a community that cherishes genuine connections. With event recaps, future plans, and an open invitation to join the Florida lifestyle revolution, this episode provides great insight into TampArotic and their events. Visit for information on upcoming events details, and join the conversation on Facebook for their latest updates.

Watch the video of this entire episode on the Accidental Swingers YouTube Channel!

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Accidental Swingers Website
Accidental Swingers YouTube Channel
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