Healing Gut Health, Navigating Burnout, and Embracing Functional Medicine: Myrina’s Journey

Myrina’s Journey

Myrina dives into the world of holistic healing and functional medicine as she welcomes Dr. Tenesha Wards, an expert in gut health, chronic fatigue, women’s hormones, and stress management. In Episode 46, Overcoming Open Relationship Obstacles: Finding Balance in the Swinger and Hotwife Lifestyle, Myrina goes into detail about the challenges and struggles she is facing as a middle-aged woman who is struggling with family challenges, losing her libido and facing her own mental health issues. In this episode, Myrina opens up as she begins to chronicle her wellness journey. 

Myrina and Dr. Tenesha, a lifestyle-friendly practitioner, explore the intimate connection between gut health and psychological well-being, dissecting the limitations of traditional Western medicine and championing a functional approach that seeks to treat root causes, not just symptoms. Myrina, candidly facing her own health crisis and burnout, delves into her quest for better health – from hormone therapy disappointments to seeking out new treatment avenues. 

Hear Myrina and Dr. Tenesha’s thoughts on aging gracefully, the importance of gut health for immunity and mental wellness. They share valuable resources, including Dr. Tenesha’s book recommendations and her nonprofit initiative to make holistic health accessible for all. Don’t miss this episode for a profound look at health, healing, and the power of functional medicine.


Dr. Tenesha Wards, Infinity Wellness Center: https://www.austinholisticdr.com/
Infinity Wellness Center on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/infinitywellnessatx/
Dr. Wards’ book: What To Do When Your Doctor Gives Up: The 7 Secrets That Find the Problem, Boost Energy, and Bring You Back to Health

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