Episode 16: The Accidental Girlfriend

Unexpected emotions arise.

Not quite as accidental or unexpected as the accidental boyfriend; we kinda saw this one coming. So why do Myrina and Tristan find themselves, once again, surrounded by so many emotional landmines?

Myrina struggles with Tristan’s new relationship. Communication, sharing and trust become the key components to navigating these feelings and issues. Myrina digs deeps to understand her feelings and has a few epiphanies that help her understand her reaction to Tristan’s new girlfriend. A valuable experience for two relatively new swingers to have to face head-on. 

With continued clarification and reworking of expectations, Myrina and Tristan have one of the most hot, steamy and sexy playdates with Tristan’s girlfriend and her husband!

Keeping up with The Accidental Swingers

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