Episode 29: Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Back in the groove.

Myrina and Tristan are ready to get back to swinging and are anxious to ring in the new year with a bang, literally! The couple, along with Crimson Dragonfly and Phoenix Phyre, spend a sexy, hot, fun weekend at Caliente as they all prepare to resume their swinger activities.

The quad talk about their hilarious conversations with other couples, steamy fun in the conversation pool and hot tub and sexy playtime in the playrooms. Myrina and Tristan also interview a hysterically funny and amazing couple, KC and Johanna. Longtime members at Caliente, Johanna and KC share some of their wildly funny lifestyle stories and give us some exciting information about a major upgrade coming to Caliente! Hint: we can’t wait!

Keeping up with The Accidental Swingers

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