Episode 36: Swingers and Kink Come Together In More Than One Way

Meet Swinky Life.

When Myrina and Tristan met Phoenix Phyre and Crimson Dragonfly at Naughty N’awlins in 2019, little did they know that their lives would be changed forever. The instant connection the two couples experienced, certainly was too good to be true. But as time went on, and the couples grew closer, they found themselves on yet another unexpected, dare we say “accidental”, leg of their journey. 

Listen as Myrina and Tristan meet Phoenix and Crimson for the first time in New Orleans and then end up being one of the couples in Myrina and Tristan’s first group playroom orgy.

But beyond the sex and the love that was growing within the foursome, another passion emerged; educating swingers about kink and kinksters about non-monogamy. Through that passion, the quad created Swinky Life –  life at the intersection of swinging and kink. With Swinky Life, the two couples teach and educate the swinger and kink communities about each others’ worlds. They encourage safe exploration of all alternative loves and lifestyles so that others can also enjoy living the Swinky Life.

Keeping up with The Accidental Swingers

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