Hotwifing Vs. Hot Flashes: Myrina Gets Her Groove Back

Back in the Groove

Myrina shares her recent adventures when she traveled without Tristan for a week. Attending a conference where she regularly meets one of her playmates, Myrina knew she would have at least a few beautiful evenings with one of her lovers. She could never have anticipated, or even come close to arranging, how she actually spent her week when she is also able to connect with a previous playmate who lives in the area, and is finally able to make a connection that had eluded her for a few years, which leaves her speechless, breathless and wanting more.

A physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting week leaves Myrina feeling that, at least for a little while, she got, at least some, of her groove back!

Want to attend events with Myrina and Tristan? The couple also talks about their upcoming travel dates; you can visit the events page on their website to decide which events you would like to attend as well!

Watch the raw and uncut video recording of this episode on the Accidental Swingers YouTube Channel!

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