Episode 20: The Making of a Hotwife Part 2

Sexual freedom!

Experiencing sex and sexuality on HER terms, Myrina’s transition into a Hotwife and Slut begins. After her 10-day trip turned into a 3-week stay, Myrina took full advantage of her “hall pass” and ended up with playdates almost every single night for the second half of the trip. Myrina and Tristan, separately, both recorded their thoughts about the transformation that was taking place and the emotions that surrounded what was obviously a huge shift in their lifestyle dynamic. Myrina also encouraged Tristan to have a few “hall pass” dates of his own and he talks about a surprising reaction to the style of play one of his dates prefers.

Keeping up with The Accidental Swingers

1 thoughts on “Episode 20: The Making of a Hotwife Part 2

  1. Dave says:

    I suspect that this is not the first comment on this subject, because I am way behind current, but in episode 20, about half way thru, Myrna is commenting on how her experiences on the three week trip to VA “filled a hole”. I certainly understand, but the double entendre cannot be overlooked. I love your podcasts.

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