Episode 41: Swinging Through Atlanta Where Things Got HOT

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Myrina and Tristan step further out of their comfort zone by going out of town to spend the weekend with play partners they met at Naughty N’awlins the year before. Listen in as they recount the weekend’s hot and sexy shenanigans where they basically had sex, ate for nourishment, napped, and then had more sex!

The foursome visited the swinger club, Trapeze, in Atlanta where the ladies decided to start the night off together while the guys, and some interested patrons, watched the fun. The ladies practically flooded the room before the guys even jumped in!

Tristan talks about his love of women who squirt and what it’s like to play with two prolific squirters in one session. Myrina talks about tapping into a level of sexuality that she didn’t know she had. Both Myrina and Tristan describe that evening, still, as one of their top 5 sexy nights of all time! 

Keeping up with The Accidental Swingers

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