Episode 42: Vegas, a Visiting Single Guy, a Possible Five-Way and a Fantasy Fulfilled for Tristan (Plus, be on our podcast!)

Vegas Baby!!

Myrina and Tristan review their recent trips to Vegas and the Poconos. (Be sure to visit our website to view our calendar and join us on our next lifestyle event adventure!) 

Myrina starts messaging with a single guy from out of state who was coming to Florida for a few days and arranges a play date with him. Myrina and Tristan are invited to play with another couple and single guy. Myrina takes a big risk to make one of Tristan’s fantasies come true!

Want to hear YOUR story on one of our episodes? At the end of this episode, Tristan and Myrina announce that they will be at Caliente Resort and Spa on the third Thursday of every month, from 6 – 7 pm, to record an episode of their podcast. If you’re going to be at Caliente on a third Thursday, reach out and let them know! Myrina and Tristan love meeting listeners, and who knows, maybe your accidental swinger story (or just amazing lifestyle story) will be featured on the podcast!! Send your email to Myrina@AccidentalSwingers.com

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