Episode 1: Meet The Accidental Swingers

the adventure begins

Welcome to our podcast – we’re happy you’re here! In this first episode of The Accidental Swingers, we introduce ourselves and tell you how we came up with the idea AND the name for our show. Listen to our adventures, learn our lessons, laugh at our misadventures (we sure do) and join us on this amazing journey!

Follow along on our journey as we play audio from some of our personal recordings and discuss and navigate the topics of consensual non-monogamy, open relationships, sex-positivity, kink, alternative love and lifestyles.

“So the world is in the middle of a global pandemic and we’re going to start a lifestyle podcast … why not?!?!”

~ Myrina & Tristan, Episode 1, 3:45

What is an Accidental Swinger?

Our journey from monogamy to an open marriage

We’re Myrina and Tristan, a long-time married couple in our early 50’s who, in 2018, accidentally stumbled into the swinger lifestyle. We found our story so humorous and funny that we decided to chronicle our journey into non-monogamy by recording our conversations about our experiences. As we listened to our recordings, we realized that others may benefit from hearing about what went well, our mishaps, what could have gone better and how we handled the transition from a 28 year monogamous relationship to an open marriage.

In the last few years we’ve found that we really love this lifestyle we’ve chosen; it has not only strengthened our marriage but has helped us both grow as individuals. We hope that our stories and experiences offer some insight or perspective and that others may learn a lesson or two about what to do or NOT to do in their own Lifestyle journeys.

3 thoughts on “Episode 1: Meet The Accidental Swingers

  1. Ben says:

    Have enjoyed listening. New to this podcast thing. One half is on n board. Been working on the other half. But pandemic issues are hard.

    • Myrina says:

      Thanks so much for listening – glad you’re enjoying it! Yes, pandemic issues have made everything tough … things are hopefully looking up! Stay tuned for some more fun in our next episode – things get really crazy! 😉

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