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Life Begins

We’re in the midst of a global pandemic.  Entire states are shutting down. The world is in crisis. People are practicing “social distancing” (a term few had heard prior to February); our lives are seemingly on hold.  You’d think …. “Hey! Let’s start a podcast!” would be the furthest thing from our minds!

You’re right, we didn’t really “plan” on launching our lifestyle podcast about moving from a monogamous marriage into a non-monogamous marriage in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic.  It just sorta happened that way … accidentally. 

So, Why Now?

To be honest, we decided we wanted to create a podcast about a year ago.   At that point we’d been swinging for about a year and had been recording our adventures in the lifestyle since the beginning of our journey.  We decided we wanted to share our experiences about our journey into non-monogamy with others; to offer another point of view, another opinion, another perspective. 

We’ve spent the last 3 months listening to our original audio recordings, creating a format, testing audio equipment; basically, getting all the pieces and parts in place to record and launch The Accidental Swingers podcast and website.  We were ready to go!!!  

Then, COVID-19.  We scrambled to regroup with our families, prepared to work from home, stocked up on supplies (yes, we’re almost out of toilet paper), etc.  We also, very quickly, decided that all outside lifestyle activities would be put on hold. Above all, maintaining social distance to try to keep ourselves and our family safe. No meet and greets, no dates, no parties.  

Initially, we decided to postpone publishing our first podcast; thinking that it might seem inappropriate to talk about such things during a global crisis.  But then we realized … what BETTER time? Maybe our podcast, our story, our bumbles and awkward introduction into the swinger universe might offer some much needed comic relief!  Or some helpful information to someone who is thinking about starting this adventure themselves! So why NOT now??

The Accidental Swingers Podcast

With that, we are excited to introduce you to our new podcast and website!  Join us as we reminisce and talk about accidentally becoming swingers, relive our journey and reflect back on what we would do differently or what we would tell our newbie selves now if we could go back and do it all over.

The Accidental Swingers podcast will include our sexy and funny stories about our introduction to swinging and living a life of non-monogamy. We will incorporate audio from our original recordings, allowing you to listen in on our very candid conversations about what we were experiencing in our our journey – at that moment in time! (Listen to our introductory podcast now and learn more about us.) You will also hear guest interviews as well as book reviews from books that we found incredibly helpful. We plan to introduce a segment called “He Said, She Said” where we will both give our thoughts, ideas & opinions on different topics that come up or questions that people have sent in.

We have become very passionate about consensual, non-monogamous relationships; what they can offer, how this type of relationship has strengthened our marriage and made us better people, better partners and better spouses. Above all, we want to share our story with anyone who is interested in listening and learning more.

Thank you for joining us … we’re glad you’re here! ~ Myrina & Tristan

6 thoughts on “Welcome to The Accidental Swingers

  1. Sara Tolley says:

    I came across your podcast yesterday! And listened to episode number 2 first while making dinner! LOL… and laughed and smiled through the whole thing! I shared your podcast with my husband this morning on his commute into work… we are both essential workers during this pandemic! We are looking forward to more episodes! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!!!

    My husband and I joined this amazing LS in October (on our 18th wedding anniversary)! 😊

    • Myrina says:

      Thanks so much for your wonderful comments! We are so excited that you enjoy listening to our (mis)adventures … stay tuned, they get soooo much better!!! I’m glad we could bring some laughter to your day. As an essential worker during this crazy time, thank YOU for all that you do for your community. I’m busy editing Episode 3 and writing the next blog, they both should be up within the next week. Thanks again and be safe!

  2. Logan says:

    My wife and I have listened to your first 3 episodes now! Very enjoyable! Love the conversational style for your story telling. We have burst out laughing several times, which helps because we’re brand new to this lifestyle so appreciate the advice we’re hearing!

    • Myrina says:

      Thank you so much for the compliments! We’re so happy that you’re enjoying our podcast! There is definitely a learning curve with the lifestyle, and as you can see for us, it was fast and furious! Stay tuned – episode gets a lot hotter (and should be out in a few weeks)!

    • Myrina says:

      Hi!! We’re excited to say that Episode 5 should be up this week! (I’m editing as fast as I can! 🙂 So happy to hear that you’re enjoying hearing about our wild ride … there’s LOTS more to come!

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