Episode 6: Sexual Swinging vs. Social Swinging

foursome in a hot tub

Sexual swinging vs. social swinging

Four months into our lifestyle journey we began to explore and understand our desire to have a deeper, emotional connection with our swinging partners.  We dubbed it Sexual Swinging and Social Swinging.  Sexual swinging is more about the physical sex: you go to a club, find a couple, have sex and maybe you’ll see each other again, maybe not. Perhaps you make plans to play again but there isn’t a lot of socializing, just playing. Social swinging, to us, is developing more of a relationship. Going out with other couples and doing more than just having sex.  It’s about building connections and creating friendships.  In our journey, we quickly realized if we connected with a couple, that we wanted to explore the possibility of more than just a sexual relationship with them but perhaps form a friendship as well. “Friends with benefits”.

A new couple and a new venue

This topic arises when we start dating a new couple!  After meeting them and having a great dinner date, we have a play date at a new venue.  And Tristan finally gets his “turn” at some hot action! 

Myrina’s hormones get them in trouble again?

Full of sexual energy and hormones, Myrina communicates with a single guy as they build up to their MFM playdate.  We’re the Accidental Swingers, so true to form, things don’t quite go the way we planned!

In this episode we discuss:

  • we have a meet & greet over dinner with a new couple
  • our first playdate with the new couple
  • we visit a new lifestyle venue
  • Sexual swinging vs. Social swinging
  • a first play date with a new single guy
  • we start the discussion about performance issues in the lifestyle
  • how we got comfortable, relatively quickly, when going on meet & greets
  • couples vs. single men

“I’m so turned on by my sexy wife that I just love watching her”

~ Tristan, Episode 6 [63:45]


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  • When we start playing again it will be like starting over [03:41]
  • We need to go back and look at our profile [05:17]
  • You get a do-over, basically [06:40]
  • Let’s get down to the nitty gritty [09:27]
  • Is it ok to develop feelings in the lifestyle? [10:44]
  • We come to more of a realization about our swinging style [11:00]
  • Our new couple! [13:05]
  • AUDIO CLIP #1 – recorded June 2018 [15:25]
  • We describe a new venue, The Treehouse [20:18]
  • We begin to realize that we really like the idea of being friends with benefits with our play couples [26:41]
  • “Let’s talk about the sex!” [27:20]
  • Explanation of sexual swinging vs. social swinging [33:17]
  • Our next adventure (well, the beginning of an amazing adventure for Myrina) [34:20]
  • AUDIO CLIP #2 – recorded June 2018 [38:39]
  • “I did not think I was going to like that.” [42:00]
  • This experience was a transition for us [50:30]
  • Myrina’s new experience [53:18]
  • “I was genuinely shocked to hear you say ‘I wasn’t sure if I was going to like having a dick in my pussy and one in my mouth at the same time.’!” [53:25]
  • A natural progression for us [54:40]
  • “These were potentially treacherous waters that we were venturing into.” [55:19]
  • Performance issues in the lifestyle, even for the most seasoned swingers [56:00]
  • We begin to see a new dynamic emerge for us [59:23]
  • Tristan had to really think about what he was propsing [60:00]
  • AUDIO CLIP #3 – recorded June 2018
  • “I’m so turned on by my sexy wife that I just love watching her” [63:45]
  • “It’s not terrible to be in my shoes.” [64:02]
  • “I have a level of compersion for your pleasure that is just off the charts.” [65:35]
  • Myrina’s explanation of her bi-sexuality [67:30]
  • Shout out & Thank You! to our listeners [71:17]
  • We were given the advice to have your meet & greets during the week which keeps your Friday and Saturday nights open for play dates with couples [73:49]


  • We mention kik in this episode. Kik is an instant messaging app you can download onto your smartphone. Many swingers like kik (or similar messaging apps) because you do not have to give out your real name or cell phone number in order to chat with potential playmates. All chats disappear after a certain amount of time. They are also deleted if you log out of the app; when you log back in your contacts will still be there but your chat histories have all been erased.
  • The Treehouse – they don’t have a website that I can find. You can usually find their information on the swinger websites. On SLS and SDC they are listed as ‘Florida Treehouse’.
  • Find links to other Tampa area lifestyle venues in the Resources section of Episode 5
  • Compersion is a term many are not familiar with but it is a feeling we can all relate to. Some define it as the opposite of jealousy. Check out this quick read on compersion: Understanding Compersion Feelings Among Swingers

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