Episode 8: Gettin’ Sleazy in the Big Easy


Newbie Swingers take on NOLA

Two newbie swingers travel to “the largest open-relationship lifestyle” event in the US in New Orleans.  We didn’t know what to expect or what we were doing.  The experience ended up changing our entire perspective of what our lifestyle journey would look like.  

Join us as we share our hot and sexy stories about our first trip to Naughty in N’awlins (NiN) in 2018, the event that helped build the foundation of our transition into non-monogamy.  (Click here more information on Naughty N’awlins and to make reservations for the next event.)

Part 1 of a 3 part series

Before the event

Excited yet totally terrified, we were determined NOT to show up to Naughty without “knowing” couples in advance.  Myrina devised a way to connect with people in Florida who were going to NiN as well, and could be potential playmates for the future!  

Looking for advice, camaraderie and community we were able to make connections and began to get a general, overall understanding of what Naughty N’awlins could hold in store for us!

Day 1

We arrived bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and dove right in to bar takeovers and parties.  Having been in the lifestyle for only about 5 months, we’d never been to a house party, a group party or done anything more than have threesomes with a few single men and foursomes with other couples.  Yet here we were in NOLA with approximately 1,000 couples and a laundry list of things we wanted to try and experiences we wanted to have.

We talk about finally meeting, in person, some of the folks we’d connected with in the weeks leading up to the trip as well as one special connection we made with another couple.   You’ll hear about our tour of the amazing playrooms at the hotel and whether or not we decide to play their on our first night at NiN!

In this episode:

  • what exactly is Naughty N’awlins (formerly known as Naughty in N’awlins, or NiN)
  • why we felt it was important to “know” people before arriving at the event
  • how we started our own NiN community six-weeks prior to going to New Orleans
  • Day One arrival, bar takeovers
  • Myrina gets over-served
  • Our commentary about the playroom tour
  • Our first playdate at NiN
  • A teaser about Myrina’s visit to the “Plus 1” room (full story in Episode 9)

“My brain is fucked out, so let’s wrap up this story please.”

~Myrina, Episode 8 [52:18]


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4 thoughts on “Episode 8: Gettin’ Sleazy in the Big Easy

  1. Gene says:

    You two are an inspiration. I am 90 and my wife of 71 years is 88. We learned of non-monogamous life style too late but wish you the best.

  2. Grant Wilson says:

    ” our own NiN community” I was hoping that your blog would provide more details to this. What is KIK?
    Love your podcast – learning lots. Thanks

    • Myrina says:

      Hi and thanks for reaching out! KIK (pronounced ‘kick’) is the app we used to use for our groups before Naughty N’awlins. This year and next year we will be using Discord to host that group! Thanks for the compliment and thanks for listening. Please drop me an email if you have any other questions or if there is something I can help you with! myrina@accidentalswingers.com

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