Episode 9: Being Naughty Was Oh, So Nice!

The naughty adventures continue when these two new swingers attend the “largest open-relationship lifestyle event” in the US. Each day held new surprises, new experiences, new screw-ups and new friends! We credit this experience as a defining moment in creating and shaping our entire lifestyle journey.

Part 2 of this 3 part series: 

Sparks fly when we meet the most amazing couple! Wonderful conversation and wonderful food lead to wonderful sex. However, in true Accidental Swinger style, we go with the flow but end up breaking some of our “rules”.   

Myrina has a life-changing experience, literally. In addition, she describes in detail her night with a man who pushes all the right buttons. Consequently, Tristan realizes how much he loves to watch Myrina and begins to understand much more about his compersive nature. 

Ultimately, this 2018 trip began to shape conversations and realizations about the things we wanted to experience our journey into the lifestyle. 

(Hear all about our pre-trip preparation and recap of Day 1 Naughty in N’awlins in episode 8.)

Announcing our new podcast logo! Our followers on Instagram commented and voted in our poll to pick the winning design! Thank you everyone, we love it!

In this episode we discuss:

  • day 2 at Naughty in N’awlins including our “unofficial” Florida Meet & Greet
  • we meet & do naughty things with an amazing new couple (we’re still friends to this day!)
  • a visit Colette, a sex club in New Orleans
  • we talk about how we keep breaking rules and wonder if we should amend them
  • day 3 and Myrina visits the Plus 1 Room for the first time ever
  • how swinging and the lifestyle has totally changed Myrina’s sex life forever (Tristan’s too!)
  • preview days 4 & 5 (episode 10)

“I now carry condoms in my wallet. I’m like a teenager. I have them in my wallet, I have them in my makeup bag, I have them in my sex bag!”

~ Mryina, Episode 9 [41:14]


What was your favorite quote or lesson from this episode?

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  • A “Thank You” shout out to our listeners [2:21]
  • Our Instagram (@AccidentalSwingers) followers helped to pick our new logo [3:09]
  • Asked to appear on a few vanilla podcasts, Consenting Adults and Upside of 40 [3:37]
  • Quick recap [5:49]

Day 2

  • Day 2 – Naughty in N’awlins 2018 [6:27]
  • Pat O’Brien’s – the first bar takeover for the day [8:52]
  • Myrina sees her “future conquest” from Caliente in Pat O’Brien’s (and the quick backstory with why he is a FUTURE conquest! 😉 [9:55]
  • Kinda like the time she followed Rod Stewart into the Starbucks in West Palm Beach! [12:13]
  • We have to get back to the hotel for the “unofficial” Florida Meet & Greet at the Astor [13:36]
  • AUDIO CLIP #1 – recorded July 2018 [14:13] – the Meet & Greet
  • End audio clip [16:50]
  • As we’re leaving the pool, we meet this couple … [17:27]
  • Myrina makes an instant connection [17:40]
  • “You talk to anybody. About anything. And so when you do that enough you’re going to hit on some people who respond.” [17:43]
  • We all four go out to dinner at Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar [20:26]
  • Our seating arrangement confuses our new friend, “Chuck, the bad mother shucker”! [20:50]
  • Grilled oysters – yum!!! (One of Myrina’s new favorite things in NOLA!) [23:17]
  • The four of us end up deciding to go to Colette [24:02]
  • AUDIO CLIP #2 – recorded July 2018 [24:48] – “tour” of and play time at Colette
  • We had talked the night before, about the idea of when separate play might be ok [25:42]
  • Oops! We accidentally play separately! “We get to the first private room and she says, ‘So this is a private room, and we can just stay here.’ And I said ‘Ok’!” [26:20]
  • Tristan describes his play time with his new friend [26:50]
  • Myrina describes her play time with her new friend [31:11]
  • The condom conundrum [32:25]
  • “My hips couldn’t help it! I can’t not get fucked.” [33:37]
  • End audio clip [35:42]
  • We discuss the fact that we accidentally played separately and how that went for each of us [36:39]

Rules and lessons learned

  • Because we keep breaking our own rules … we changed our “rules” to “guidelines” [38:32]
  • Lesson learned #1: EVERYONE should carry their own sex bag with condoms that are right for YOU (Myrina is sensitive to latex), lube that is right for YOU, some fresh wipes, and maybe some gum or mints 😉 [40:24]
  • Lesson learned #2: Be prepared to help a man who has lost his erection from putting on a condom [42:40]
  • We forgive each other when we accidentally “break” our own guidelines [44:30]
  • Being creative when putting a condom on a man. Tristan LOVES it when a woman will put a condom on him. Especially with her mouth! [46:18]
  • Our foursome heads back to the hotel and, oops, separate play happens AGAIN! [48:21]
  • Tristan’s round two with his new friend! [49:34]
  • Myrina’s round two with her new friend! [51:05]
  • Myrina’s FIRST EVER vaginal orgasm (not kidding!)!! She didn’t think she could have one OR that she even had a g-spot … until NOW!! [51:12]
  • Play with our new friends may have ended, but we weren’t done yet! We head off to play in the playrooms! [54:10]
  • Our first time playing in the playroom and in front of other people [54:24]
  • Myrina talks about how being in the lifestyle has helped her re-discover herself & an awakening of her body that she did not know existed [55:22]
  • “I’m getting better at helping (orgasms) come forth.” [57:01]

Day 3

  • DAY 3 [57:49]
  • Breakfast at Cafe Beignet (our now “go to” place …. along with a few others!) with a new couple [57:48]
  • Time for the next bar takeover! God forbid we miss a bar takeover! [59:02]
  • Walking out of the bar and some girl grabs Tristan’s ass [1:00:00]
  • The Foam Party at The Beach (swear to God, we had no idea what a foam party was!) [1:01:00]
  • Dinner with 2 other couples at K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen; amazing meal, amazing conversation with veteran swinger couples [1:02:15]
  • PLUS ONE room [1:03:31]
  • AUDIO CLIP #3 – recorded July 2018 [1:04:07] – the Plus One room
  • You’re just going to have to listen to the whole thing (it’s worth it, I promise)
  • End audio clip [1:20:12]
  • “I was loud!” [1:21:18]
  • “She (Myrina) is on his list … She’s on everybody’s list!” [1:21:43]
  • Tristan talks about what is was like to watch Myrina in the Plus 1 Room [1:23:10]
  • Wrap up and preview of Episode 10! [1:26:14]


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