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Episode 32: Our Swingerversary

A time to reflect. After a short hiatus, Myrina and Tristan return and share a dual celebration of anniversaries. The recap of their first year in the swinger lifestyle, their Swingerversary, was recorded on the two year anniversary of the release of episode one. Tristan gives his thoughts on their first year of ethical non-monogamy. […]

Episode 31: Exploring Sexual Boundaries: The Hotwife Decides

Leading the charge. Myrina turns a new corner in her exploration of being a Hotwife when Tristan and Myrina go on a playdate that was completely orchestrated and organized by Myrina and their date.  Before then, Tristan was generally the communicator with possible playmates. But when Myrina saw “A” at a swinger club, she decided […]

Episode 30: Exploring Sexual Boundaries: Anonymous Sex

More sexy explorations. When Myrina and Tristan’s swinger lifestyle journey began, they thought they had a clear picture of what their swinger play would be. Then things changed. Myrina began exploring the Hot Wife side of her personality and desires. This exploration led to increased meet and greets, playdates, and willingness to expand boundaries and […]

Episode 29: Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Back in the groove. Myrina and Tristan are ready to get back to swinging and are anxious to ring in the new year with a bang, literally! The couple, along with Crimson Dragonfly and Phoenix Phyre, spend a sexy, hot, fun weekend at Caliente as they all prepare to resume their swinger activities. The quad […]

Episode 28: Exploring Sexual Boundaries: How Wet Can She Get

What’s this new sensation. Myrina and Tristan continue to expand their boundaries as they get more comfortable in their play. The couple finally has their long-awaited, first official Meet and Greet and F*@k. And Myrina experiences a new sensation. Tristan and Myrina then meet a lover at a bar and push their exhibitionist boundaries a […]

Episode 27: A Podcast Milestone and a Little Secret

Shh, we’ve got a secret! Myrina and Tristan celebrate their podcasting milestone of reaching over 200,000 downloads in 18 months! And it’s all thanks to the Accidental Swingers podcast listeners!  To share in the excitement, Myrina and Tristan will treat a lucky listener couple to fun day in the sun at their favorite local clothing […]

Episode 26: Exploring Sexual Boundaries

Myrina and Tristan get naked. Almost a year into their adventures, Myrina and Tristan begin, what will turn out to be, a pivotal time in their lifestyle journey. Unbeknownst to them, the couple is beginning a period of exploration and starting to push their limits and sexual boundaries.  The first in the Exploring Sexual Boundaries […]

Episode 25: Jealousy, Guilt and Unexpected Emotions in the Swinger Lifestyle

Feelings and emotions. Every couple who has entered, or thought about entering, the swinger lifestyle worries about the emotions and feelings that come with seeing your partner having sex with another person. They worry about having feelings for others and what impact it can have on their current relationship. Crimson Dragonfly and Phoenix Phyre join […]

Episode 24: Tough Choices for a Hotwife and Ethical Slut

More lessons learned. The Accidental Swingers discuss the tough choices Myrina had to make as a Hotwife when it comes to playing with “single” men. She made some decisions about what consensual non-monogamy means for her when it comes to playing. They talk about the week of play with Myrina’s visiting boyfriend and why that […]

Episode 23: Sexy Couples Date Turns Into a Hot FF, FMF and MF, MF

Hot sexy fun. Days after returning from her hotwife trip, Myrina and Tristan go on a sleepover date with Tristan’s girlfriend and her husband. Wanting to experience some one-on-one girl time without any men around, Myrina and Amber decide to leave the guys at the bar and have their own playtime. Afterward, Tristan and Amber […]