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Episode 22: BONUS EPISODE: Catching Up with the Accidental Swingers

Life happens… In this bonus podcast episode, Myrina and Tristan talk about the circumstances and issues that brought them to the point of reconsidering their plans to attend Naughty N’awlins 2021.  They also discuss what happened in their “vanilla lives” that subsequently turned ALL of their hot and sexy vacation plans upside down. Keeping up […]

Episode 21: The Making of a Hotwife Part 3

Time to reflect. Myrina and Tristan share their feelings with each other after Myrina arrives home from the trip that solidified her status as a Hotwife and afforded Tristan the opportunity to have a few “hall passes” of his own. As Tristan often says, this time was an “inflection point” in their lifestyle journey. They […]

Episode 20: The Making of a Hotwife Part 2

Sexual freedom! Experiencing sex and sexuality on HER terms, Myrina’s transition into a Hotwife and Slut begins. After her 10-day trip turned into a 3-week stay, Myrina took full advantage of her “hall pass” and ended up with playdates almost every single night for the second half of the trip. Myrina and Tristan, separately, both […]

Episode 19: BONUS EPISODE: Accidental Swingers After Party

Let the party begin… In May of 2021, Myrina and Tristan decided to start recording, what they call, “After Party Episodes”. Recorded after a party or event(ful) weekend, After Party episodes chronicle what Myrina and Tristan are doing “right now” – as they emerge from their Covid-induced hibernation and begin swinging again.  These raw and […]

Episode 18: The Making of a Hotwife Part 1

A new and unexpected sexy twist. Myrina has to travel to her childhood home to help out family. With ten days away from home, Tristan tells Myrina to let her hair down and try to use her “hall pass”. Little did they know that what was supposed to be a 10-day trip would completely change […]

Episode 17: Steamy, Sexy Swinger Fun!

Ending the year with a bang! What do an over-served playmate, pierced “lady parts”, a drummer, and an exhibitionist all have in common? They’re the collection of steamy, sexy, and fun stories that round out this episode. Nine months into their lifestyle journey was the end of the year and Myrina and Tristan went out […]

Episode 16: The Accidental Girlfriend

Unexpected emotions arise. Not quite as accidental or unexpected as the accidental boyfriend; we kinda saw this one coming. So why do Myrina and Tristan find themselves, once again, surrounded by so many emotional landmines? Myrina struggles with Tristan’s new relationship. Communication, sharing and trust become the key components to navigating these feelings and issues. […]

Episode 15: The Accidental Boyfriend

Accidental and unexpected. Myrina’s relationship with a playmate heats up, especially as they spend more time getting to know each other between playdates. Their relationship transitions from playmates to lovers to boyfriend and girlfriend and Myrina and Tristan must face the first enormous obstacle in living and experiencing the swinger lifestyle on their terms.   […]

Episode 14: Adventures in Fantasyland

Adventures in Fantasyland

Sexy adventures. Deciding to push their boundaries a little further, Myrina and Tristan check another item off their “bucket” list with a visit to an adult bookstore and theater with another couple. But were they ready for all that this adventure had to offer?   Myrina and Tristan also discuss Myrina’s first real solo “date” […]

Episode 13: Managing expectations in Swinger Relationships

expectations versus reality

It was going to be awesome… Until it wasn’t. We’ve all done it. Built something up in our minds, just knowing how great the experience is going to be. The excitement. The buildup. The anticipation. And then, it falls apart. In episode 13 of the Accidental Swingers podcast, we share stories of dates that did […]