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Episode 42: Vegas, a Visiting Single Guy, a Possible Five-Way and a Fantasy Fulfilled for Tristan (Plus, be on our podcast!)

Vegas Baby!! Myrina and Tristan review their recent trips to Vegas and the Poconos. (Be sure to visit our website to view our calendar and join us on our next lifestyle event adventure!)  Myrina starts messaging with a single guy from out of state who was coming to Florida for a few days and arranges a play […]

Episode 41: Swinging Through Atlanta Where Things Got HOT

Hot! Hot! Hot! Myrina and Tristan step further out of their comfort zone by going out of town to spend the weekend with play partners they met at Naughty N’awlins the year before. Listen in as they recount the weekend’s hot and sexy shenanigans where they basically had sex, ate for nourishment, napped, and then […]

Episode 40: Where Have You Been?

Life Happens Myrina and Tristan are BACK and now also on VIDEO! From now on, Accidental Swingers podcast episodes will be audio and video! Find us, right now, on YouTube @TheAccidentalSwingers and eventually on other video podcast platforms!  Myrina and Tristan bring everyone up to date on what is happening with us both personally and […]

Episode 39: Louisville Slugger, Vanilla Strikeouts and Bad Timing

Strikeout? Myrina and Tristan share sexy stories about playdates they had; both together and separately. Find out how Louis got his “name”! After a final return trip to Virginia, Myrina shares a story about the final night with (one of her) Virginia lovers and something she has never talked about before. On her return from […]

Episode 38: We Outed Ourselves as Swingers

So tell me about your podcast. Myrina and Tristan decide they want to start a podcast but aren’t quite sure how to talk to people about their idea. They attend a podcast conference and tell anyone who asks, what their podcast is about! (Spoiler alert: it’s THIS podcast!) Myrina meets a vanilla guy who is […]

Episode 37: Do Swingers Make the Best Adult Film Stars?

Meet Rob and Trudy A few months ago, Myrina and Tristan met and chatted with a couple at Caliente. Fascinated with their journey and story, Myrina and Tristan asked to interview them for the podcast.  Rob and Trudy are living their best life, together. They met as swingers, eventually started dating as swingers, and then […]

Episode 36: Swingers and Kink Come Together In More Than One Way

Meet Swinky Life. When Myrina and Tristan met Phoenix Phyre and Crimson Dragonfly at Naughty N’awlins in 2019, little did they know that their lives would be changed forever. The instant connection the two couples experienced, certainly was too good to be true. But as time went on, and the couples grew closer, they found […]

Episode 35: Our First Real Kink Experience

Taking it slow and easy. Kink was the scary unknown, and was a hard limit for Myrina and Tristan. Then they met “The Captain”. He slowly, purposefully and methodically introduced them to the spectrum of kink and BDSM. Starting with the sensual, softer side of kink then moving into sensation play, then impact play.  Myrina […]

Episode 34: Facing Our Fears Around Kink and BDSM

Never say never. Kink and BDSM were the two things that Myrina and Tristan said were a “hard no” when they entered the lifestyle. Naivete, ignorance, and unfamiliarity with this new world led to a lot of apprehension and fear. So much so, that those were the only things they specifically called attention to in […]

Episode 33: Swinger Words of Wisdom From a Veteran Lifestyle Couple

Valuable lessons learned. Myrina and Tristan interview 7-year lifestyle veterans Michelle and Scott in what turns out to be one of the most thought-provoking, honest, and open interviews to date.  Michelle and Scott share the stories of their own struggles and challenges to maneuver through their lifestyle journey. The naked foursome (yes, everyone was naked […]