Social Bubbles – A Better Way to Play?

It’s been a tough 9 weeks, not to mention a really challenging year. We are all tired and bored. Consistent sleep schedules have become a thing of the past in our family of genetically pre-disposed night owls. What’s up seems down and what’s down seems sideways and now there are signs that life might move back to “normal” … but at what cost? Can we be safer and still be social? Some say the answer may be in creating social bubbles.

I will be the first to admit, I am ready to get back to our lifestyle fun. I miss hanging out with friends and playmates; visiting my favorite lifestyle bars and clubs. And I definitely miss our wonderful friends’ house parties! But I also have an extreme awareness that our alternative lifestyle puts us in a high-risk group for contracting COVID-19. I worry when I see people on the swinger websites planning their hot-dates and next adventures for this weekend (or the very near future).

Should We Be Exclusive?

Last week I stumbled upon this CNN article about “social bubbles,” and what the future of social life could look like. The article states “The Belgian government has reportedly been considering allowing people to form “social bubbles” of 10 people, according to Belgium’s Le Soir citing a leaked memo. The memo proposed that a bubble of people could spend time together on weekends, as long as all 10 people agreed to socialize exclusively with each other. Overlapping bubbles would not be allowed.”

“Socialize exclusively.” Our family (both our biological family and our lovers … our chosen family) have already, purposefully, been adhering to this guideline.

We Accidentally Social Bubbled!

woman holding bubbles

As the scale of the Coronavirus pandemic was becoming obvious, but before any “Safer at Home” or “Stay at Home” measures were put into place, Tristan and I stopped all lifestyle activities. The one exception being our lovers who, by circumstance and timing, were the only ones any of the four of us had played with for the 3 weeks prior to the start of the social distancing recommendations. By that time, we were all very confident that none of us had any exposure to the virus and could safely practice social distancing together. (Read about our decision to “Quaranteam” together on the website.)

Currently, we spend 3 to 4 nights a week with each other. At each other’s homes, with each other’s families – creating our new family dynamic. The four of us marvel and talk about how fortunate we’ve been to go through this unprecedented time in history together. As two families, coming together to create our new normal.

So, believe me when I say, I KNOW how lucky we are to have been able to social distance, stay at home, quaranteam, and now create our social bubble, with the people we love the most. Had we NOT been able to do that, I’m sure Tristan and I would be like the many swingers we see on the sites now; eager to restart our lifestyle activities and pursuits.

Staying the Course

However, it is the uncertainty of the virus – how it is changing, mutating and still spreading – that concerns me about lifestylers getting back “into the swing” of things. I see people posting on the sites, looking for play partners. They’ve been staying at home so they “know” they haven’t been exposed or aren’t infected. I’ve read discussions in some chats about people still planning on attending takeover events in the next few months if they aren’t cancelled. Lifestyle resorts and clubs are re-opening yet touting that they will adhere to the continued social distancing guidelines … but, really, how can they?? How can anyone be sure?

I worry for all these people, their families, loved ones and anyone that they then come in contact with. We are not free of this virus. So I urge you, my friends and fellow swingers, kinksters and alternative lifestylers, consider creating your own social bubbles.

Think about asking a few of your closest LS friends, that you know well and trust, if they would like to create a social bubble with you. You want to ensure that your potential bubble partners have been relatively contact-free from society. Your arrangement would need to be exclusive – you would commit to only play with each other for the foreseeable future. Find partners happy to social distance a little longer. Who can resist the temptation to go out to dinner, bars or clubs as they begin to reopen. (Our little quad has decided, since our summer vacation plans are all but squashed, that we will rent a beach house for a month and therefore find other ways to “entertain” ourselves without going out to eat & drink & play.)

Other Ways to Play

If you don’t have or cannot find suitable bubble partners, you still have options that won’t put you at risk!

Many of the swinger social websites are hosting VIRTUAL parties and get-togethers.

  • Naughty Events (one of our favorite groups!) hosts a free Virtual Hump Day Happy Hour on Wednesdays from 7 to 9 pm for its members. They also host a Virtual Naughty Party on Fridays from 8pm – midnight CST. This is a paid event for Naughty members featuring a sexy Q&A session, music, Naughty Virtual Chatrooms. Their Virtual Tantra Centers include a couples only webcam room, a singles and couples “anything goes” room, and a dungeon to name a few. (We haven’t tried this yet, but perhaps next Friday night when the kids aren’t around! 😉
  • (SLS) is holding virtual socials, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Even our local alternative lifestyle, BDSM fetish club, Tampa Bay Phoenix Club, is hosting virtual events.
  • Google and find local (or not) virtual events that sound interesting to you

I know we are all a little fed up with social distancing and are itching to get back to doing the things that make us happy – and some of us scream – but it’s important to continue to think about protection (the mask, glove and distance kind). We’ve waited this long, waiting a little longer certainly won’t hurt in keeping you and your loved ones safer.

Stay sexy but stay safe! ~ Myrina

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