Episode 4: We Finally F*ck!!!

This is what it is all about … after months of reviewing profiles, messaging people and having meet & greets with potential playmates – we finally f*ck!!!

Two years ago, we were about 4 months in to our lifestyle journey. In this episode we talk about attending our very first lifestyle event, hosted by a local lifestyle group, held at an area nudist resort/community. We were so nervous and excited to attend to our first swinger event. We didn’t know what to expect, or what to do, or how we would react. You will hear part of our original conversation that we recorded on our way home from the event that night and find out what happens!

Then, FINALLY, we have our first playdate! An MFM with a single guy. Listen in as we play another portion of the recording we made on the way home from our MFM date and find out why Myrina “can’t be trusted”!

In this episode we discuss:

  • attending our very first swinger event held at a clothing-optional (nudist) resort
  • other lifestyle venues in the Tampa, FL area
  • our first MFM
  • both men and women can have performance issues
  • using Viagra, or the like, to help with performance (*always consult your Dr. before taking any medication)
  • non-monogamy has enhanced our intimacy and our marriage

“I don’t know that I can be trusted; that’s really the bottom line. I don’t know that I can be trusted to make wise decisions!”

~ Myrina, Episode 4 [41:41]


What was your favorite quote or lesson from this episode?

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PART 1 – Attending Our First Swinger Event [9:47]

  • We begin talking about the event, held at Paradise Lakes Resort [9:47]
  • Myrina’s Moscow Mule “base” (click here for Myrina’s Moscow Mule Recipe – a “low” sugar option to create a great drink!) [11:49]
  • AUDIO CLIP – recorded April 2018 [14:52]
  • End Audio Clip [22:00]

PART 2 – Our First MFM [28:38]

  • Going on meet & greets to meet potential play partners [30:47]
  • AUDIO CLIP – recorded May 2018 [34:25]
  • Using Viagra (please check with your Dr. before taking any medication) [38:39]
  • Myrina can’t be trusted [41:41]
  • Tristan wants to get some action too [49:02]
  • “You don’t think you’ll get bored?” [49:20]
  • End Audio Clip [49:58]
  • Myrina’s freshly fucked persona [50:27]
  • Sex gets better over time [54:38]
  • Myrina’s orgasm [55:02]
  • Tristan’s thoughts on taking Viagra (please check with your Dr. before taking any medication) [57:12]
  • Performance can be a woman’s issue too [58:08]
  • We’re putting ourselves out here (talking about our lifestyle journey) and talking about it has enhanced our intimacy [1:03:17]
  • “Should I check back with you in 2 years?” [1:04:24]
  • A look ahead to our next episode [1:04:53]
  • OUTTAKE/BLOOPER [1:09:11]


7 thoughts on “Episode 4: We Finally F*ck!!!

  1. Cam says:

    Hey guys. I hope you will continue to make more podcasts. They are SOOOO interesting and sexy and fun. Seriously, even though you have only created a few of them so far, they are the best of all swinger podcasts because you guys are real and don’t put on airs. You seem to be having great fun together, which is so appealing. My girlfriend and I are not in the lifestyle, but we have been talking about a threesome. I played your Episode 4 for her, and at the end, she said those guys had so much fun with that – we gotta do it. So now we’re looking – for another girl first. Anyway, I hope you will release more episodes soon. And please continue to be yourselves and let your enjoyment come through. In Episode 4 when you just start saying “Yeah. Yeah. Yeah” – it was awesome and funny and sexy. Please do more! We are your greatest fans. — C and J

    • Myrina says:

      Hi C&J!!! We CANNOT thank you enough for the wonderful words!!! THIS is why we wanted to do our podcast and share our story – thank you, thank you, thank you! And, as luck would have it, I’m running through the final edits of Ep 5 today!!! If life doesn’t get too much in the way, the episode will be published tomorrow. (Don’t worry, we have 2 1/2 years of recordings … LOTS to share and podcast about so we won’t be stopping anytime soon!) Please follow us on Instagram if you don’t already – @AccidentalSwingers – or on Reddit … I’m myrina_fl I will be posting our upcoming episode information as well as soliciting help for an upcoming podcast – we’re going to need some listeners stories! Thanks again guys!

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