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Part of the adventure in life is not always knowing what’s going to happen next, and the next part may be grander than your original plan. The key to enjoying the journey is being open to the unknown.”— Kristine Carlson

You never know where life is going to lead you. When Tristan and I started our journey (listen to episode 1 of the Accidental Swingers), we decided we wanted to experience all that the swinger lifestyle has to offer, with very few boundaries or hard limits. As a matter of fact, there was only one thing listed in our swinger profile that was off-limits for us – BDSM/kink. 

This hard limit was put into place. Neither one of us had any interest in someone hitting us, humiliating us, or acting demoralizing or degrading towards us. Because physical harm, humiliation, and degradation were what we THOUGHT were the core components of BDSM and kink. 

We were naive and we were wrong.


In our upcoming Accidental Swingers podcast episodes (most likely starting with episode 33 or 34) we meet a man, whom we affectionately call “The Captain” in the podcast. Looking at the pictures in the Captain’s profile, it was clear that he at least dabbled in kink and BDSM. After much consideration, we decided to have a play date with The Captain, but explained to him that the kink/BDSM thing was not something we will really be interested in. 

I won’t go into details here but let’s just say, The Captain ended up being our “Kink Sherpa” so to speak; introducing us slowly, methodically, and carefully to his world.


A few years later, our second Naughty N’awlins …. Well, you most likely know the story … we met Phoenix Phyre and Crimson Dragonfly. What you don’t know is, at that very event, Tristan and I attended a BDSM workshop, interested to learn more. The workshop itself ended up not being that great. Disjointed and not very informative and it left Tristan and me almost with more questions than answers. Coincidentally, Phoenix and Crimson had had a similar experience in a few of the workshops they attended then and in years past.

When the subject came up between the four of us, we talked about how we’d wished we’d actually learned more in those sessions. Wished we’d been given the opportunity to talk more about, and ask questions about, what we didn’t know. Perhaps even try out some of the equipment commonly used in kink and BDSM play. We felt there was a gap between the swinger and kink communities and that there was an opportunity for education.


The more the four of us talked about it, the more we realized that is an opportunity to help educate and shed light about the world of kink and BDSM to the non-monogamy community. We wanted to teach Swingers about Kink.

Swingers and Kink … Swing and Kink … Swink … Swinky … Swinky Life.

We created Swinky Life in 2019 with a goal and a mission to bridge the gap between swinging and kink. Offering each community insight into the world of the other. Since that time, we’ve also grown and expanded our own minds. We have removed the barriers that had previously held us back. 

We’ve been fortunate in this new adventure. Meeting amazing people along the way who share our passion for breaking down barriers through information and education. We currently offer monthly webinars on Non-monogamy and Swinging to the kink community through a partnership with Dating Kinky. We’ve done similar presentations at Florida Power Exchange and Tethered Together. Currently have events on the calendar for 2022 that will help increase our knowledge and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world of kink, BDSM, and power exchange relationships.


One of those events is Kinky Kollege, held semi-annually in Chicago. We submitted to present as Swinky Life but they had already chosen their speakers. We decided to attend anyway and gain yet another opportunity to meet others in this space, learn more and play more!

So we’re here in Chicago! (And it’s cold!) As the quote above states “The key to enjoying the journey is being open to the unknown.” We’ve opened our minds and put away our preconceived notions and are here to experience all that we care to and observe as much as we can.


Eventually this trip will be a part of the Accidental Swingers podcast, a year or so down the road. But you can follow along and learn about our adventure now in a couple of ways …

Follow us on Instagram. We’ll be posting photos and commentary for the entire trip so you can get a bit of sense of our trip – both the vanilla and very NON-vanilla antics and shenanigans.

If you’re a member of our community or have supported us by subscribing to our After Party podcast, then you will be able to listen to our raw recordings about our experiences and interactions here at Kinky Kollege! (Visit our website to get more information about joining our community or subscribing to our After Party podcast!)

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to me or Tristan.

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